Sunday, March 8, 2009

my own horn

New York Press Photographers Association has announced winners for the 2009 Year In Pictures contest. I did well.

I netted a 3rd place award in the features category for my Times Square shot of Giants fans celebrating the 2008 Super Bowl victory.

A picture story about a crane collapse in Manhattan was also recognized.

I'm most proud, though, of the independently produced (and still unpublished) multimedia story that won 2nd place:

Eva Zeisel: Distinguished By Design from Jeremy Bales on Vimeo.

Alright, enough reflecting. Gotta keep moving forward. One goal this year is a fun, quirky, sports picture story and accompanying multimedia piece. It needs to be a complete, in-depth story with main characters and an actual plot. Not just a series of images. I'm thinking Skee-Ball team.

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  1. congratulations! And I love the multimedia, particularly: I design, show it to her, she makes a change. that is so good! well done, sir.