Thursday, March 19, 2009

self-portrait artist (in the presence of greatness)

I had a great opportunity to join Chase Jarvis and friends for one of his SOCIALS. He's in New York for some reason or another.

I think I was hoping to talk nuts and bolts at this thing. Conversation seemed to revolve mostly around personal philosophy, Nikon vs. Canon, and Chase's tennis shoes. He challenged anyone to go head-to-head, any camera vs. his iphone. No one accepted.

It was a nice place. The SoHo Grand.
Swanky. I'm glad I went. I mean this post less as a criticism and more as an invitation. Chase, let's get together another time. I can't promise that you'll get to sign autographs, but we can talk photography.

Am I being unfair? Probably. I didn't have it in me to wade through the Jarvis groupies to make an introduction. I'm sure Mr. Jarvis would have been more than happy to answer any question I had at the time, but it's wasn't quite my thing.

Very nice work with the tweets Chase. Keep it up. Your idea about transparency in this business is right on. Consider me an ally.


  1. So Jeremy ... what was the question you wanted to ask?

  2. Dartanyon: I was hoping to discuss pricing strategies, rights and licensing, creative collaboration related to Chase Jarvis vs. Team Chase Jarvis. Conversation hovered safely around topics well covered in his blog. Had there been only a few of us, we'd have gotten there. I knew Mr. Jarvis was a rock-star, but this gathering was with-in walking distance of home.

  3. hey jeremy. wish we would have met - love to meet in the futre. do you have any suggestions of how i could do casual twitter meetups in real life and still keep them meaningful to someone with your viewpoint?

  4. me too chase. let's try to meet up next time we cross paths. i freely admit to being unfair. i should point out that you let conversation go where it went in a friendly, casual form. If you're sick of the nikon/canon debate you certainly didn't let on. i'll get there early next time unless i've made your short list.