Wednesday, April 15, 2009

holga picture success

It's been a little while, but I finally have a finished Holga photo talked about in a previous post. It's from a shoot I did with Mike Walters of Mystery Circuits.

I LOVE IT! I'm so impressed with the aged photo quality that the plastic lens adds. The mood is exactly right and the camera worked great with my off camera strobes (you can see my blue-gelled background flash behind Mike on top of the TV). I'm so excited about this addition to my camera bag, that I went ahead and added a holga gallery to the main website (even though there's only one picture in the gallery).

I intend to whip out the little red holga whenever I have lights set up. Please hold me to it.

I scanned the 2 1/4" color negative on a flatbed scanner with a negative scan feature. It doesn't give the file size that a dedicated negative scanner would, but it allows me to scan to the edge of the film. That way I can show off the heavy holga vignetting and the nifty fuji data burned in on the edges. Cool.

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