Tuesday, March 16, 2010

geek goddesses lp collector: athens, ga

The first of a couple of Geek Goddesses shoots on the road in Athens, GA went off better than I could have imagined.

Luckily, a good friend of mine Sean Wessling has a killer house AND a killer record collection. We also had an awesome model, Melinda, who had great ideas of her own and lit up when we put on Thunder Road from Springsteen's Born To Run LP.

For this shoot, I really let the location guide the everything else. Sean has great wood paneling and painted wood floors in the record room. He has great taste when it comes to color. I went through his collection and pulled out some iconic rock albums for the display wall. I got rid of his ipod and cd player, pulled out some big speakers and made some stacks of LPs. It hit me pretty early on that this would be a great photo to shoot square. The repeating pattern of the square LPs were perfect and I was able to easily move the stacks around to fill in the dead space. For wardrobe we chose bright yellow and blue to stand out against the muted colors of the room.

We got some great shots early on, but I really wanted Melinda's hair to be flying, so we cranked some Queen and got to work.


  1. This is definitley your best shot yet! The colors, the square format, the model's movement. It's a fantastic moment. Congratulations Jeremy! Awesome*