Thursday, May 19, 2011

little preview of the holgaroid

I've been spending some time in the workshop disassembling a Holga 120N and a Polaroid 340. After a bunch of dremeling, gluing, and (I admit) gaff taping. I have a truely Frankensteined hybrid: A Holga front with Polaroid back. Worked on the first shot!

I'll have some shots of the camera after I've made a few more tweaks. Until then, here are some photos of swing dancers Danielle and Matt taken with the holgaroid.

If you know anything about the Holga, you might be able to tell which photo I took first in this series. Any ideas? 


  1. My guess is the first one you took is the top right image. Light leak in the upper left corner of the frame that you subsequently fixed? Your way of making your own sounds like a lot of fun, but I picked one a polaroind back for a holga in tokyo years ago.... at one point they were actually making them. Great work man.

  2. Thanks Craig.

    You're right about the light leak. I didn't fix it though. It's just a slow leak apparently because it doesn't show up on subsequent frames during the same shoot.