Monday, February 8, 2010

shooting a series - the nuts and bolts

I had an idea to shoot a series of highly stylized photos. It's been one of those ideas that snowballs and picks up other ideas along the way. I'm thinking self-promotion, printing a photo 'zine, traveling to Georgia for some of the shoots. The ideas keep coming, and the spirit of collaboration is getting my creative friends excited about it.

I've decided that to me the creative and collaborative process of photography is as much (if not more) of a motivator as the final product.

AND I'm going to chronicle the process here and on twitter. I've already started, so there will be a little bit of back tracking.

The big idea is a series on Geek Goddesses. These will be stylized portraits of beautiful women doing geeky stuff. I have some notebook pages filled with ideas like Dungeons and Dragons, lab experiments and comic book collecting. I'm working with an Art Director/Stylist to really make the details look right. We wrapped just the other day on a shot of model Lauren Reeves pretending to read Cosmo, when she's really reading a science book.

Below is the sketch that my AD Risa Puno came up with for the edited image above. We have a few that really closely resemble the concept sketch, but we also wanted some variety and a few tight/vertical shots that could be used on a promotional piece.

I'm mostly shooting this project with what I have available to me. I'm getting friends to model and talent/location scout. I'm using my own apartment and borrowed locations for the sets. I'll probably end up renting props and costumes of some kind, but I'm hoping to find most of what I need.

Let me know if I've left something out. I want the whole process to be an open book.


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    What a great project! And I would love to be your photo Geek Goddess for the day! Let me know if you would like to shoot together. I'm a friend of Lauren's, by the way. She posted this link on facebook.

  2. Kristin is an amazing model!!! And she is definitely a geek goddess!!

  3. @Laurent Reeves: kristin would look great in a star trek uniform-dress and vulcan ears...