Thursday, February 11, 2010

#geekgoddesses off to an incredible start

Electronic invitations went out yesterday in several forms. We sent emails to friends, clients and other creative people with an image of Geek Goddess Christine Miller (of teleyoga) playing a video game.

Tweets about the project were on in full force with the tag #geekgoddesses. Response has been overwhelmingly positive. We've got a few more models lined up for the project including the hilarious and georgeous youtube vloggers GraceNMichelle. I'm almost out-of-my-mind excited about this prospect.

We got a mention on supercreative after pitching the idea to shoot three of the Geek Goddesses shoots as part of their supercreativeten project in Miami this summer. I'm not holding my breath about this one since our shoot pitches aren't Miami-centric. BUT this idea has gotten me really psyched about road-tripping down south for a few shoots.

The video game shot was the first idea that I had for Geek Goddesses. I was playing Rainbow Six Vegas (one of those really great shooting/killing games). Some guests were coming over for dinner and I rushed to hide the headset that you use to talk to other players because it was so embarrassingly dorky. My thought was that if girls played these games, I wouldn't have to be embarrassed. Thus the idea that girls DO play them when no one is looking. Can you imagine such a world?

Geek Goddesses is a new series that I'm shooting. And I'm blogging and tweeting all the behind-the-scenes stuff -- concepts, sketches (stick figures included). Get updates on the entire production HERE and on twitter via #geekgoddesses. Jump in with comments and tweets on what you want to see more (or less) of.


  1. I LOVE this series. More more more!!! Can you talk a little about what kind of lighting setup/equip you are using for these shoots?

  2. Will Mav said:

    Way to show the world how great Geeks can actually look! Love the camera, can't wait to see more

  3. Sure Tally, I might do some lighting diagrams, but the lighting philosophy for this one is to light the sides of my model with the main light (elinchrom rangers in octabanks), the gridded light by her face is there to look like TV screen light and the big square light behind me is very low fill light to keep the shadows from going completely black. I began by getting proper exposure of the scene outside the window, and adding the rest from that.