Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GraceNMichelle #geekgoddesses rough sketches

I'm no illustrator. Sketching perspective concepts has always been a challenge for me.

I am pretty handy at drawing an overhead floor-plan on graph paper. And that is actually a great start for me in the pre-production phase of the shoot. I start with an easy overhead plan, pick a camera angle or two, and sketch away.

I got a few snapshots from GraceNMichelle of our Geek Goddesses photo shoot location. It will be a familiar one, because we're using one of the usual vlogging settings of GraceNMichelle and Daily Grace.

The concept, the geeky activity that we decided on for these two goddesses is (surprise) vlogging. We're going to be paying respectful homage to the Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain, and lonelygirl15's out there who open up their lives on the you tubes.

The humor in this one will come from the moment. We're going to be seeing them seconds before their taping as they feverishly prepare the room and themselves for the camera. We talked about in our concept meeting that there have been so many times that they are shoving trash or underwear out of the frame of the webcam before shooting to give the appearance of a clean, tidy room. We're going to catch this moment in a fun way. Maybe they'll be all dolled up from the waist up, and wearing PJs and fuzzy slippers from the waist down.

Right now Risa, our Artistic Director (that's her rough sketch above), and I are thinking of the composition and shape of the photo. It's still a little bit up in the air, so I may make a trip to the location for some more scouting shots. Next we'll be figuring out what props we want in the shot that GraceNMichelle would probably try to hide.

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