Friday, February 26, 2010

snow crew shoot

So, the trip to California was a vacation. But everyone looked so great in the snow gear that we had to do an impromptu photo shoot off the back deck overlooking a very foggy/snowy Lake Tahoe.

I'm not quite sure-footed enough on the snowboard yet to carry the camera for action shots. Maybe next season?

Thank you thank you to TalismanPHOTO for getting the lights ready, warming up the hot-tub, and shooting a picture of yours truly to complete the series. Mine, is currently my facebook avatar, so let's be friends if we're not already.

Also thanks to the chilly and willing models Olivia, Erica, Griff, Elyse, Tally and Risa.


  1. Love love love! We're so fierce. Action shots next season yay! I can be a mobile light holder person.

  2. DEAL ERICA! Voice Operated Light Stand is what we'll call you!