Saturday, January 29, 2011

camera bag essential mark II

I posted about the NYPD Operations Order 13 awhile back. Here's the federal version that photographers have been buzzing about. Download and Print (via

It’s important to know the law. But it's more important to know how to use this document when the time comes. I avoid waving it like a flag in the face of authority. Regardless of who is in the right a blown photo shoot is a blown photo shoot. A night in jail is a night in jail. Nobody likes being told what their job is or isn’t.

I usually explain to police what my understanding of the law is and politely ask them to contact a supervisor for clarification. The next step would be to use this document, or NYPD Operations Order 14. It’s always a good idea to vocalize the officer’s point of view: “I understand that you’re just trying to keep everyone safe…” etc.

More on how to effectively use these documents in my original post.

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