Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jb + me reps + sid viscous! = a unique promotion

I think the idea struck us both at about the same time. I had been shooting improv comedy teams in NYC for quite awhile and my rep, Efrat, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I took her to a show at the Peoples Improv Theater (The Pit) on East 24th Street. They have a brand new theater with a bar as a reception/lobby area and a stage with stadium-seating.

That's me. Watching our guests watch the show.

It turned out that improv team Sid Viscous! (that's viscous as in a thick and sticky liquid, not vicious as in cruel or violent) would be performing every Thursday in March and they were using a promo photo I had taken of them. We thought the show and some drinks would be a great gift for other creative professionals that we had been wanting to meet.

SidViscous! is truly remarkable. Quite funny.
Some improv images (plus some teasers from my upcoming promo)
My rep made me wear a name tag.

 SV! was thrilled at the prospect and we worked out a deal with the theater to block off the show on March 24th and offer drink tickets to our guests.

I shot another promo campaign for the team complete with video to augment the photo they were already using. I printed some of my work to hang in the theater hallway. ME reps worked with The Pit on gift bags and custom-designed drink tickets. We mailed, emailed and phoned some invitations and had an event.

The night went excellently. SV! had an eager and engaged audience, we got to meet some cool buyers, art directors, and other creatives, and our guests enjoyed a break from the standard portfolio review.


  1. By the way, Sid Viscous is performing one more show on March 31st.


  2. Looks excellent, my friend!