Friday, April 29, 2011

drink tickets

I've never seen people light-up so much after being handed one of my photographs.  My secret: a perforated tab at the bottom that's good for one free drink.

Since the post about my improv event has been featured on the No Plastic Sleeves blog, I've been getting a bunch of emails asking about the custom-designed drink tickets.

They were a fun part of the evening, and I had a blast helping to design them.

We kept them on-theme by using one of the pictures of Sid Viscous! performer Kevin Gottlieb from the promo video.

I really liked that they were big theater-style tickets instead of the little numbered raffle tickets. I found these three in my jacket pocket a week afterward. I'm hoping some of our guests are still finding the stubs too!

Sorry guys, they've expired.

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